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Jumping Larva

4.0 ( 7280 ratings )
게임 어드벤쳐 아케이드
개발자: Song-haeng Lee
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Draw! Bounce! and Jump! Have Larva reach higher avoiding the forest fire!

Draw a line to make Larva bounce on it!

A once peaceful forest has been set on a blaze!
Larva that was taking a nap is in danger..
Protect Larva from the forest fire!
There is only one way to escape…to jump, jump, and jump!
Avoid all the obstacles and other hindering creatures in order to get Larva to a higher ground!

- The funniest Larva game.

- Draw a line to make Larva jump.

- You can control Larva’s jumping direction and power with angle and length of the line.

- You will spend HP when you draw the line.

- You can recover HP by eating golden leaves.

- Acquire recovery bonus by eating a whole set of leaves.

- Watch out for hindering creatures such as chestnut burrs, acorns, and birds.

- Use the booster flower to go up more faster and easily without any damage.

- Water bubbles and spider web can cause slight blockage while the Larva is going up.

- You can make the Larva go up much easier by using items such as “Super Larva”, “Butterfly”, and “Pills”.

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